Thursday, March 22, 2007

Psychedelic Sorkin

Word on the street is that Aaron Sorkin, creator of such film and TV hits as The West Wing and A Few Good Men, has agreed to adapt The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots into a broadway musical.

If this makes a ton of money, what can we expect from the inevitable TV version?

Here's what I'd like to see:

(Drama, 1 hr., TV-MA)
Yoshimi, a lieutenant in the Karate Army, is accused of murdering a fellow soldier, codenamed "Pink Robot", and we follow her travails through a controversial Court-Martial. Was she just following orders and in fact "workin' for the city"? Or is something much more sinister at play?

Mondays at 9pm / 8pm Central, right after an all-new episode of That's My Evidence!

Or how about this:

(Comedy, 30 min., TV-14)
Yoshimi Matthews is an executive producer on "Pink Robots", a popular bay area talk show that focuses on gay and lesbian issues facing the Japanese American community. There's only one problem -- her family thinks she's still in medical school! How will she reconcile her parents' traditional values with her new career? And can she work up the courage to ask out the show's new band leader, a man known only as "The Hypnotist"?

Tuesdays, 8pm / 7pm Central. Afterward, stay tuned as Bill Pullman guest stars on the season premiere of Throw Me The Idol!


Clinton said...


(Comedy, 30 min., TV-MA)
What do you get when a straight-laced, Japanese police officer and a wisecrackin', gay robot are forced to be partners... ON THE MOON?!?!? Wacky adventure, that's what. Thursdays, this fall, after the premier of Fatass and His Hot Wife.

Braden said...

Man you have got got GOT to pick up season one of F.A.A.H.H.W. It's in Dolby 525,647.1!